Semilac "Banana" 100/180 Nail File

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The file with a specially bent design allows you to get into the even hardest to reach places at the edge of the nail. Its purpose is to facilitate modelling and eliminate skin damage. A file with a gradation of 100/180 is a medium-grain file. It has a fine-grained side - 180 and medium-grained - 100. It works great in everyday nail treatment as well as finishing gel nails; the rounded shape will allow you to easily refine the mass at the nail shafts.

The newest file Semilac Quality is a guarantee of the highest quality. Made of Japanese innovative plastic allows you to work for many weeks. Thanks to the new insert technology, the file is stable, and the latest abrasive material six times galvanized will ensure long-lasting sharpness even with very frequent use.

We have taken an everyday, standard file, and given it an elegant look. We achieved this by taking care of various gradations and used the highest quality components available in production. When it comes to files, we've reached technological perfection, combining Japanese-class abrasives with uncompromising aesthetics.


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