Semilac Builder Gel Cover Pink Milk 15g



Semilac Builder Gel Cover Pink Milk is a cover gel in a slightly milky pink colour. It builds up the nail plate and gives it a beautiful, natural look.

Our innovative formula facilitates the application and modeling of the product while creating any shape of nails and provides the customers with noticeable comfort while curing the product in the lamp. The appropriate density and self-leveling properties of the gel make working with it simple and pleasant for both professional and novice nail stylists. Appropriate pigmentation allows you to accurately and precisely shade the product at the cuticles and gives you the opportunity to work with the design, painted French and baby boomer styling.

We recommend using a primer before making gel styling. Requires the use of the Semilac Extend Base gel and the favorite glossing top from the Semilac offer.

Extension: Yes
Consistency: Dense
Color: Delicate milky pink
Application: Extending, supplementing, hardening the natural nail plate
Superstructure: Yes
Filling the suckers: Yes
Density: 5/5

Suitable camouflage for the natural nail plate
Increased resistance to cracks and injuries
Ease of application and sculpting
Reduces the burning sensation to a minimum
Color adapts to different skin types

UV LED lamp 24 W - 90 sec.
UV LED lamp 36 W - 60 sec.
UV LED lamp 48/24 W - 60/90 sec.
UV lamp 36 W - 180 sec.

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