Semilac Colloidal Gold Hand Cream 50 ml



Hand cream with a unique formula rich in colloidal gold and provitamin B5, which soothe irritations and promote regeneration. In addition, we have saturated it with intensely moisturizing ingredients (including urea, glycerine and wheat amino acids) together with smoothing agents that will soothe even very chapped skin. The efficient formula and light texture ensure easy and quick absorption. The cream with the scent of a lotus flower, lily, pomegranate and sandalwood leaves a pleasant satin effect on the hands, which also provides a protective barrier for delicate skin.

Capacity: 50 ml

Regenerating hand cream - a must have of the season

The regenerating hand cream is a player for special tasks who comes into play when delicate skin needs immediate moisturizing and regeneration. Detergents and climatic conditions influence the condition of the hands. The regenerating hand cream will provide them with appropriate support and give you a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Regenerating Semilac hand cream- real gold!

Regenerating Semilac hand cream is an antidote to dry and cracked skin on the hands. The product provides hands with instant relief - soothes irritations and promotes regeneration. This regenerating cream with urea, glycerine and amino acids from wheat has been additionally enriched with real colloidal gold! Thanks to this, you can be sure that your hands will feel well-groomed - and!

Use our hand cream every day, as often as you like! Preferably after washing hands, and certainly at the end of the day. You can put a hand cream with a pump on the bedside table - it will look elegant and remind you to use it before going to bed.

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