Semilac Starter Set One Step Pen with 12W UV LED Lamp

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lThe Semilac One Step Hybrid Pen is the ultimate tool you need if you’re just starting out painting hybrid nails at home. The best part about it? It’s super easy and safe to use! The unique gel pen replaces your top and base coat, meaning you can paint salon-style gel nails in a flash.

The Semilac Starter Set One Step Pen also comes with a bold 3ml shade of timeless red for a sultry look, nail cleaner and mini polisher to prepare your nails, Semilac manicure oil to nourish and give shine to your cuticles. Trust us when we say your nails have never looked this good!

This is the ultimate starter kit that has you covered for everything: featuring a powerful 12W UV/LED lamp to set your nails in place fast. Plus, it’s compact and super portable, so you can take your personal nail salon with you anywhere in the world!

What’s In The Set?
● Semilac UV LED 12W Lamp
● Semilac One Step Pen (3ml, Shade S550)
● Semilac Nail Cleaner (50ml)
● Semilac Cuticle Oil (7ml)
● Semilac Mini Polisher
● This set comes with 1-year guarantee for the UV LED lamp

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