Semilac Professional Nail Drill 24W



The Semilac compact nail milling machine is the perfect choice when you are looking for your first home nail milling machine. This professional cosmetic device is used to develop cuticles, prepare the nail plate and remove hybrid manicure.

Main features of the milling machine:

  • The milling machine has been designed to make the work as easy as possible and to keep order during the manicure - it has holes for the handle and cutters.
  • Despite its small dimensions, it has smooth adjustment up to 30,000 revolutions, thanks to which it does not jam and does not cause discomfort.
  • The rotational speed of the milling machine is regulated by a convenient knob or pedal. There are RPM markings on the knob, making it easier to control.
  • The power of the device is optimally selected to easily deal with cuticles and hybrid manicure, and at the same time to ensure safety even for people who start working with the milling machine.
  • A light handle that does not burden the work, and thanks to its solid workmanship, it fits perfectly in the hand.
  • Efficient and quiet operation without vibrations.
  • The device has a simple system for changing milling tips and a switch to change the direction of rotation.
  • The set includes 6 tips that allow for: smoothing, shaping, polishing nails, removing dead epidermis and hybrid mass, gel, acrylic gel and tips from nails.

 Warranty 24 months.

 The kit includes:

  • Semilac nail milling machine (x1)
  • Milling cutter set (x1)
  • Foot pedal (x1)
  • Operation manual (x1)

User manual

  • Please read the instruction manual before starting the milling machine.
  • Before starting work, make sure that the device is turned off.
  • Set the rotation speed knob to the 0 position.
  • Fit a suitable cutter in the cutter head. Pay attention to its correct placement. Connect the head to the power station.
  • If you want to control RPM with a foot pedal, connect it to the device.
  • Plug the power cord into a power source.
  • Press the ON button - the backlight of the button means that the device is ready for operation.
  • After passing the 0 position on the dial, the device will start working
  • When controlling the rotation speed with the foot pedal, gradually increase the pressure of the foot on the pedal.

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