Semilac 403 Chocolate Brownie UV Gel Polish 7ml



Applies just like a polish, lasts just like a gel. Semilac’s gorgeous gel nail colours are made to impress, shimmer, and shine bright. Our powerful formulas are easy to apply, last up to three weeks long, and are chip-resistant, smudge-resistant with beautiful bold colours.  
The best part about Semilac Gel Colours? They won’t damage your nails! Our gorgeous gel nail shades are super easy to apply. Add a thin layer of gel colour, and once you’re happy with the shade intensity, simply place your hand under the UV/LED lamp to cure and set your colour! 
Our 100% odourless gel nail polish and totally indestructible – so you can go about your day with ease knowing your nails won’t break! Now, you can paint professional gel nails from the comfort of your home, with Semilac. 

It is good to be active regardless of the season! Especially in fall, when you’d rather
spend time with a book in your hand and in a reflective mood. Sometimes you want
to have more energy and grab something sweet, for example a piece of a delicious
chocolate cake. And then… the magic happens! You have energy and enthusiasm
and feel like going for a walk in the rain! Take your friends for a walk and don’t forget
about Chocolate Brownie – in your backpack and on your nails!

Shade - Brown
Collection - Tastes of Fall
Finish - Classic
Coverage - Full
Size - 7ml

Cure Time:
UV LED 24 W lamp - 30 sec
UV LED 36 W lamp - 2 x 30 sec
UV LED 48/24 W lamp - 60 sec / 120 sec
UV 36 W lamp - 2 x 120 sec

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