Semilac Acrylic Powder Clear 692



Semilac Acrylic Powder Clear 692 - acrylic pollen for Semilac hybrid nails and Semilac gels, which will allow you to dress your styling with many unique effects! It can be applied to your favorite colors of Semilac or Semilac White Cream Art gels, obtaining a matte effect and colour boost, while leaving the base colour of the foundation.

Semilac Acrylic Powder Clear 692 - Your new nail polish!

Semilac expands its offer with new nail pollen! This time we offer clear acrylic pollen! This is your new way to create sophisticated stylisation that you will do with child's ease. Effect? Whatever you dream of! Clear acrylic pollen is a matte finish, enhancing structural elements or a base colour boost. It all depends on your creativity!

Acrylic pollen - step by step application!

Are you wondering how to apply acrylic pollen? Semilac prompts! Semilac acrylic pollen is poured onto the nail plate (on a wet, unhardened product or on a dispersion layer).

a) After standard preparation of the nail plate for manicure, we apply the best Semilac hybrid base and cure it in the lamp.
b) We choose one of the colours of Semilac hybrid varnishes or Semilac gels, apply a thin layer and cure in the lamp. Repeat this step to get a deeper colour.
c) We secure the manicure with one of the Semilac Top (Semilac Top No Wipe or other top sawn after hardening with Semilac Nail Cleaner).

- On the prepared, hardened and dispersion-free foundation we create an ornament, e.g. with Semilac White Cream Art or another gel, sprinkle the uncured product with Semilac Acrylic Powder and then cure it in a lamp. As a result, we will get a matte, velvety structured decoration. This decoration should not be secured with Semilac Top and cured again in the lamp.

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