Semilac Beauty Salon Nail Drill E-File 48W



The Semilac Beauty Salon nail drill machine is a high quality professional manicure device. It is used for preparing the nail plate, cuticle work as well as for removing hybrid or gel manicure. The small size and slim design of this e-file optimises the space in the manicure station.

Main features of the e-file:
The brushless motor guarantees the reliability and durability of the device and makes drill's operation efficient, quiet and vibration-free
The rotating speed of the e-file is controlled by a convenient knob or pedal
The touch panel enables efficient and easy change of direction of rotation. The panel is equipped with 2 LED lights that indicate currently active direction of rotation
The device has a simple drill bit replacement system
The e-file is equipped with 6 abrasive bands of varying gradation and 6 drill bits for: levelling, shaping, polishing nails, removing dead skin and hybrid, gel, acrylic gel and nail tips
Mandrel cutter or drill bit for caps and overlays has a wide range of applications: from matting the plate, removing keratinised epidermis, to filling nail extensions. All these activities can be done with this one product. All you need to do is insert the drill bit into the handpiece and apply band with the required gradation
The largest drill bit is used to smooth the nail plate, mattifying or shortening it
The smaller drill bit is used to level and clean the nail plate from the residue of a hybrid manicure. It can also be used to shorten the nail.
The cone is designed to smooth the skin and polish it
The flame drill bit is also intended for cuticle work, especially at the lateral nail fold of deeply embedded nails
The smallest flame is used to separate cuticles from the nail plate, remove dead skin , smooth skin around cuticles

The kit includes:
Semilac e-file (x1)
Power supply for Semilac e-file (x1)
Handpiece (x1)
Handpiece stand (x1)
Drill bit set (x1)
Foot pedal (x1)
Instructions Manual (x1)

Technical data:
Dimensions: 129.31x125.5x (H) 127.27 mm
Net weight: 0.545 kg
Rotational speed: 3000-35000 RPM
Input voltage: 110-240 VAC
Output voltage: 24 VDC / 2 A
Power: 48 W (max)


Make sure the device is switched off before starting work.
Set the rotational speed control knob to the OFF position
Insert the appropriate drill bit in the handpiece. Pay attention to its correct placement. Connect the handpiece to the power station.
If you want to control the speed with the foot pedal, connect it to the device.
Connect the power cord to a power source.
Press the ON button - the button back light means that the device is ready for work.
After turning the knob from the OFF position, the device will start working
When controlling the speed of rotation through the foot pedal, gradually increase the foot pressure on the pedal.

Before starting work, make sure that the drill bit is correctly positioned in the handpiece and properly secured.
Starting the nail drill with an unsecured or damaged drill bit can damage the machine.

Increase the rotation speed gradually, do not turn the knob abruptly.
Do not touch the drill bit during operation.
Before switching the direction of rotation of the e-file - switch off the machine.
Do not obstruct the ventilation openings from the device.
Do not use the e-file if the machine or the connecting cable is damaged.
Correct and proper use in accordance with the recommendations, will increase the service life of the device.
The device is intended for indoor use and should not be used outdoors.

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