Semilac Cuticle Nipper 5mm



Professional cuticle nippers, made of surgical stainless steel. They meet the expectations of specialists and demanding people - the product represents the highest quality of material and workmanship. Thanks to this, using Semilac pliers is convenient and comfortable.

Semilac pliers made of surgical stainless steel are characterized by outstanding corrosion resistance. They can be repeatedly sterilized and disinfected.

Cuticle nippers with a 5mm blade length are very sharp. They guarantee convenient and comfortable work during the epidermis removal procedure. We also offer cuticle nippers with a blade length of 3 and 7mm. The choice of blade size depends on individual preferences.


The priority at Semilac is the high quality of the products.

After purchasing them, however, you are responsible for taking care of your equipment. Remember that its longevity and comfortable use are affected by regular maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Check what not to do and how to properly care for the tools that accompany styling to enjoy them for many years!

What not to do - that is, the most common errors that reduce the life of instruments during use, sterilization and disinfection:
- Sterilization of uncleaned (including residue of disinfectant) or wet instrument.
- Soaking tools for too long (including in the wrong concentration of disinfection solution) or excessive exposure to high temperatures.
- The incorrect concentration of disinfectant solutions or cleaning agents and use of the same disinfectants repeatedly.
- Use of low-quality disinfectants (often without certificates) and liquids not suitable for wetting metal tools.
- The incorrect temperature during the sterilization process.

Optimal temperature and sterilization time:
- Steam sterilization - temperature 132 ° C, time 20 min. / temperature 120 ° C, time 45min - pressure 2 bar
- Sterilization using hot air - temperature 180 ° C, time 60 min/temperature 160 ° C, time 150 min.- pressure 1.1 bar
Ball sterilizers are not recommended because they can lead to mechanical damage to the instruments / insufficient sterilization.
- Using tap water for a steam autoclave or contaminated autoclaved water.
- Inaccurate drying of the tool before packing it in the sleeve and placing it in the autoclave.
- Using instruments immediately after sterilization (a minimum of one hour is required for them to dry completely). A sharp drop in temperature results in a loss of steel hardness and the need for more frequent sharpening.
- Incorrect storage and use of tools for other purposes is not recommended

How to properly care for tools, maintain and store them:
- Disinfect and sterilize after each use according to the manufacturer's instructions.
- Moving and cutting elements should be oiled (greased) periodically.
- Sharpen tools only at professional, dedicated points.
- Avoid contamination of abrasive surfaces and friction surfaces.
- Always store tools with the blades pointing up, in dry conditions and out of the reach of children.
- Avoid dropping or bumping into hard surfaces, as this may damage the cutting edges

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