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The Semilac nail milling machine is a professional cosmetic device that is designed to facilitate and improve, and as a result, accelerates the work of a nail stylist.

Main features of the milling machine:
- Simple milling tip replacement system
- Efficient and quiet operation without vibrations
- The direction of rotation adjustment with an intuitive switch
- Speed control by means of a knob or pedal
- Four tips for levelling and shaping, nail polishing, precise engraving of decorations       on stylizations
The kit includes:
- Electric milling machine (handle torque: 4.8 cm)
- Power supply with speed controller
- Set of four cutters (1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 9mm)
- Speed control pedal
- Spare parts
  24-month warranty

STEP-BY-STEP milling machine use.

The Semilac milling machine is a professional device for developing nail plates. Prior to use, it requires experience and knowledge in the field of styling. In order to use the milling machine properly and achieve the best results, we encourage you to take part in special training organised by the Semilac Academy and follow the procedure recommended below.

1. Connect the power supply cable to the milling machine. If you want to use the foot part of the milling machine - connect the pedal (with its cable).
2. Then connect the handle to the milling machine. Later, simply insert the selected cutter into its tip and turn the centre of the handle to secure it, stabilize and hold the cutter at the selected height.
3. Use the power supply to connect the milling machine to the power. Press the ON / OFF button and use the knob to select the appropriate speed of cutter rotation (if the foot option is not connected). To change the direction of rotation of the cutter, switch the FWD / REV button.
4. The milling machine is ready for operation. Remember that the cutter should not be perpendicular to the nail when developing the nails.

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