Semilac Extend Care Base 5in1 815 Delicate Mocca 7ml



Semilac Extend Care 5in1 Delicate Mocca is a new, innovative formula of gel polish from Semilac that cares for your nails. We have enriched the 5 most desirable features with a complex of 10 unique ingredients well-known for skin, hair and nails, such as biotin, arginine, soy protein and wheat leaf extract head cabbage, tea tree oil, vitamin E and glycerin, threonine and serine.

It is simultaneously:
• Base
• Colour
• Top
• Gives the possibility of building up the nail plate
• Allows you to extend nail up to 1 cm
• NOVELTY! A complex of 10 unique ingredients

      Semilac Extend Care 5in1 Delicate Mocca 815 will allow you to create a unique manicure in whitened beige with an admixture of brown and a drop of grey. This innovative product, enriched with a complex of 10 unique ingredients, can support weakened nails or create a great base - e.g. for a French manicure. It is also an alternative to the gel, thanks to which the strengthening and extension of nails is made in a simpler way. Perfect for beginners as well as for more advanced users. With Semilac Extend Care 5in1 you will create a gel polish manicure even faster and more economically, and you will be able to enjoy beautiful manicure for up to 21 days!

      Shade: ​815 Delicate Mocca

      Curing Time:
      UV LED 24 W lamp - 60 sec.
      UV LED 36 W lamp - 30 sec.
      UV LED 48/24 W lamp - 30-60 sec.
      UV 36 W lamp - 120 sec.

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