Semilac Eye Shadows Pallete Romantic Night

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This unique eye shadow palette features five cool tones, perfect for both day and evening makeup. The shadows in the Romantic Night palette are silver, purple and navy blue, with various finishes: matte and glossy. Good shadow pigmentation allows you to enjoy their colour for a more extended period, without any fear of creasing. Thanks to the powder's composition, you can easily apply it how you prefer - using your finger or a brush.
Giving you a variety of makeup options, with this palette you can create colourful eye makeup using all shadows or a separate look with just one colour. The selection of colours combined with the efficiency of the product allows the creation of many makeup looks, and the dark blue shade from this palette can also be used to darken the eyelash line. The palette comes in a unique package with a mirror and a brush.
The colours that make up the Romantic Night palette are; Metallic particles wrapped in ivory. Metallic silver falling into purple beige. A hint of metallic pink with a purple glow. A mixture of metallic purple and pomegranate. Creamy, navy blue mat with an admixture of graphite.

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