Semilac Eyelash Enhancer Serum



Eyelashes enchanting with a healthy look.

 Semilac Serum that stimulates eyelash growth - intensive care serum for eyelashes, which accelerates their growth, improves density and deepens the colour. Thanks to it your look will be even more spectacular - in just 6 weeks! *

Semilac Serum stimulating eyelash growth is a wealth of active substances - contained in it bimatoprost is responsible for accelerating eyelash growth. Regenerating and moisturizing and soothing ingredients (including panthenol, glycerin and allantoin) strengthen the effect of strong and healthy eyelashes, whose condition visibly improves already in the first weeks of regular use of Semilac serum. It's comprehensive care that catches the eye!

Do you want to thicken or darken your eyebrows? Take a look at the Semilac Serum. You can use them every day as eyelash and eyebrow serum.

Semilac Serum stimulating eyelash growth - your way for long and thick eyelashes, charming healthy appearance. Keep an eye on them :)

Capacity: 4ml

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