Semilac Flirty Look Mascara 01 Black



Semilac Flirty Look mascara. Flirt with a charming curl, be tempted by a spectacular extension and shine in satin black!

Seduce with just one glance? With Semilac Flirty Look, you'll do it in the blink of an eye! The perfect brush with silicone protrusions of different lengths works like an eyelash curler and comb in one!

Long silicone brush hairs provide perfect separation between lashes and add spectacular eyelash extension. The smaller ones allow even the shortest of eyelashes to be covered with deep black, and the specially rounded tip adapted to the shape of the eye manages to get into the toughest corners. The refined formula means that Semilac mascara can also be used on sensitive eyes and lenses.
Capacity: 12 ml

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