Semilac High Cover Concealer Zoom In 03 Medium

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It happens that your day starts with the morning race because you forgot to set the alarm clock or you were sitting over your business laptop until late. In a hurry you throw a glance at the bathroom mirror and all you see in it are the shadows under the eyes.

Other times you struggle with unwanted blemishes on your face and when getting ready to go to work, you only think about covering them effectively.

Put on the Semilac Zoom In face and eye concealer.

Highly covering liquid concealer Semilac Zoom In is a perfect pigmentation that evens out the skin tone and a refined formula that lasts up to 8 hours.
The warm, slightly peach shade of this concealer will be perfect for covering shadows, discoloration or small imperfections on the face. What's more, its formula has been enriched with cocoa ferment, which helps to fight unsightly bags under the eyes, and beeswax leaves the skin feeling moist.

The advantage of the concealer is also its creamy texture, which harmonizes well with the Semilac foundation, without creating a mask effect.

The concealer has a convenient applicator that accurately distributes the cosmetic both under the eyes and in other places on the face. See for yourself.

Capacity: 4ml

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