Semilac Holder for Brushes



The Semilac brush pencil case is an elegant packaging for manicure brushes, available in matte black, additionally decorated with shiny patterns in the shape of irregular lines. The pencil case is closed with a black zipper, and on its back, there is a drawstring that allows the packaging to be folded in half. Inside you will find compartments that can hold 7 brushes, 3 additional tools and 2 selected accessories.

Closed pencil case for Semilac brushes, with protruding fasteners, is about 25 cm long and about 9.5 cm wide. When opened, its width is over 20 cm. The centre of the pencil case contains various sizes, rubber compartments for brushes and other tools and accessories needed to perform nail stylization.

Semilac pencil case is a great way to protect your brushes from accidental damage and keep order in your collection of manicure tools.

The product is sold without equipment.

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