Semilac Manicure Scissors Blade Length 23 mm



Do you want to make sure the manicures you do for your clients are consistently at a high level? If you are a professional, then you will know that beautiful nails start from scratch, and cutting out the cuticles is a necessary step for great nails. Therefore, always make sure they are perfectly removed and do so using our new product - the extremely sharp Semilac cuticle scissors. 

Thanks to these scissors, you can effectively deal with unwanted skin, even with the most demanding client!

The smallest Semilac cuticle scissors with sharp blades, and measuring 23 mm in length, are great both for removing cuticles and using for manicures.

The narrow blade is significantly rounded, so this model is ideally suited to working with clients who have wider nails. A small arc will precisely reach even the most difficult areas of skin, and a thin blade will remove them. The elongated handles will improve the visibility of the hand during the procedure.

The contoured handle with polished back surface fits perfectly in the hand and allows you to avoid injuries during treatments.

The scissors are made solidly and feature sharp ends. The small, silicone cover attached to them provides additional protection.

The stainless steel used to design our products is a high-strength material that does not cause allergies and is also resistant to disinfectant products.

Intended for professional use only.

Semilac cuticle scissors are made to be extremely sharp for cutting cuticles. Thanks to their narrow blades, you can perform the cuticle removal accurately and precisely. The scissors feature a contoured, polished handle that fits perfectly in your hand, and which avoids any injuries during the procedure. The scissors are made of high quality stainless steel and are resistant to disinfection and corrosion.

Our new cuticle removal tools offer 3 products for professionals, with different blade lengths and varying degrees of curvature, so you can tailor a specific scissor model to your clients' needs and improve the comfort of your work. The elongated handles will allow for accurate access to the cuticles and improve the visibility of the hands during the procedure.

It is also a great tool for combined manicures.

The scissors remain sharp for a long time, which will allow you to do a lot of skin removal treatments, and the silicone eraser you put on the blade will protect them further. Therefore, you can safely transport and store them with the rest of your manicure tools.

We have thought about everything!

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