Semilac Matt Lipstick 011 Purple Diamond

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The lips are permanently emphasized by the dignity of the mat in combination with the pink shade enhanced with purple.

Matte luxury Semilac lipstick!

Matte Semilac lipstick in a dark pink tone is the quintessence of dignity and a taste of luxury on the lips! When creating it, we remembered the strong object of desire that gems experts have always been interested in. He was also the dream friend of every woman who valued material goods. From now on, the beauty of unattainable diamonds is concealed by Semilac matte lipstick!

Semilac cherry matte lipstick - the undisputed hit of the season!

First, the matte lip effect was obtained by applying classic powder lipstick. When matte lipsticks began to be available on the market, they did not win recognition and the lips of consumers. Everything changed when the velor finish decorated Rihanna's starry lips. Then it went like a petal!

Matte lipsticks have become an unquestionable hit that will be hard to beat. This is not only an interesting complement to makeup but also amazing durability! Semilac offers matte lipsticks in the most beautiful colours of hybrid varnishes, which you will match to your refined look! Manicure & makeup - your best 2in1!

Matte lipsticks - Semilac colours that will match your nature!

Do you like matte lipsticks, but you do not know what colour to choose? Semilac has a simple solution - in our assortment we only have the most beautiful colours that perfectly match any type of beauty and complexion! You can try, test and choose your hit colours. Legendary Reds? More surprising coral colours? Or maybe clear and fashionable purples? Decide!

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