Semilac Matt Lipstick 039 Sexy Red



Refreshing red dressed with a matte effect that will last for hours!

Semilac red matte lipstick - emphasize your femininity!

What is Semilac red matte lipstick? Just like the eye-catching earrings that perfectly complement the classic little black dress or a dream diamond that reminds you that you are a real princess - in one word - Semilac red lipstick is a must have for every woman!

Semilac permanent matte lipstick - how to apply it?

The Semilac permanent matte lipstick guarantees beautiful, luscious lips for many hours. If you want to enjoy the perfect matt effect - make sure you apply the product correctly. The creamy consistency of Semilac lipstick that gently moisturizes your lips will help you with this. Its strong pigmentation is a deep colour as soon as it touches your lips!

What's important - painting your lips is not a hurry. It's time for you and your moment of pleasure. Emphasizing your beauty, do it precisely and without a rush. You also do not have to apply thick layers of the product - Semilac matte lipstick due to excellent pigmentation and a perfectly matched applicator is efficient. After applying it to your lips, wait a moment until the product solidifies completely. Once dry, you can enjoy its beautiful and durable colour, for the whole evening!

Lasting lipstick in the colour of your nails!

Permanent lipstick has always been of interest to women who value having a beautiful appearance every day. From now this dream product is within reach! Semilac matte lipsticks are the highest quality and ultra-durable in combination with the most beautiful colours! They match the colours of Semilac hybrid varnishes.


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