Semilac Matt Lipstick 055 Peach Milk



Matte lips embedded in a very durable pastel shade of juicy peach.

Pastel matte lipstick - your lips in the spring!

Pastel matte lipstick is the most appropriate farewell to winter and opening to spring new products! A Semilac lipstick in a pastel shade will allow you to create a delicate and girly makeup - perfect for fans of emphasizing beauty in a natural way. It is also a great proposition for women who cannot afford strong accents at work.

Matte pastel lipstick - lips lightly brushed!

If you are looking for a delicate colour that will emphasize the beauty of your lips, Semilac Matt Lips Peach Milk 055 matte lipstick will be a great choice for you! It is a shade of juicy peach that subtly gives colour to your lips.

Matte pastel lipstick is great for spring and summer when we care about choosing delicate colours, referring to the colours of flowers and holiday pleasures. Using this shade, you won't need to worry about excessively overwhelming makeup - just freshness!

Matte pastel lipstick - match it to your nails!

Matte pastel Semilac lipstick is a creamy texture that will lightly dress your lips with the most beautiful colour of juicy peach. Apply once and enjoy all day long! Semilac lipstick is a wealth of colour and incredible durability that you know thanks to our manicure! From now on you can combine nail colours with colours on your lips! This is a real hit that will comprehensively take care of your well-being and professional appearance!

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