Semilac Matt Lipstick 065 Wild Strawberry

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Long-lasting matte and smooth lips in a tasty strawberry red colour.

Long-lasting lipstick in a tasty shade - what more could you want?

Lasting lipstick is a value in itself. Thanks to this invention, we can enjoy life, laugh, kiss, cost and be calm about our makeup! Semilac lipsticks give you confidence as they remain in place - for as long as you like. And not only do they look good - they come in extremely tasty shades! Matte red lipstick should steal your heart. And definitely lips!

Matte red lipstick is a classic of the genre, which we dress in a new, durable form! If you feel like sinking in a sea of ​​femininity and a sense of luxury - this is your best companion! Red matte lipstick from our range will give you the dream durability and eye-catching lip highlighting in ambiguous colours.

It's a great date suggestion. Red with an admixture of a sweet strawberry will catch the eye, but you don't have to worry about it being too bold. What's more, it blends beautifully with classic colours, and in combination with a good pair of high heels, it always looks gorgeous! A good red lip can be the best complement to your look, giving you a confidence boost!

Semilac matte lipstick - immerse yourself in the most beautiful colours

Do you love long-lasting and juicy colours? Then you will be interested in Semilac matte lipsticks! These are the perfect reproduction of your favourite hybrid nail polish colours that will now adorn your lips. This is the best 2-in-1 and a guarantee of perfectly matched styling for lip makeup.

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