Semilac Matt Lipstick 066 Glossy Cranberry

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Elegant matte lips permanently bathed in the velvet maturity of cranberry red.

Matte Semilac lipstick in the colour of juicy cranberry - for those not afraid to aim high!

Semilac matte lipstick in this shade is perfectly suited to the strong and determined women who are not afraid to reach for more! Does this sound like you? then this shade is for you! and will accompany you on your journey.

Matt cranberry-coloured lipstick - your friends will love it!

It's Friday afternoon. There are still a few hours until the weekend, but you can't wait - you have to move towards the approaching madness! Carelessly pinned hair? comfortable shoes, and a huge desire to go out in your head? Cranberry-coloured matte lipstick is the best choice for you! It is strong, expressive, elegant and the perfect addition to your weekend makeup bag.

Organise your female team and go to a cosy pub on the market. Semilac matte lipstick will be your best friend. And what's best? - it doesn't come off when it comes into contact with a drink - so you can truly let your hair down, without having to worry about reapplying all evening!

Semilac lipstick - a pleasant application, a compelling effect!

Semilac lipstick is your way to the most fashionable colours on your lips. Do you want to be sure that you will enjoy them for hours? Take care of proper hydration. Always have a balm or cream to care for your delicate lip skin, and treat them with a peeling once a week. Then the colour of Semilac matte lipstick will complement your natural beauty!

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