Semilac Matt Lipstick 121 Ruby Charm



An extremely durable matte lipstick with an intensely flowery pink colour - this lipstick is a Semilac hit!

Neon matte lipstick - for a bold and colourful personality!

Neon matte lipstick won the world's catwalks a few years ago. Fuchsia has been boldly recognised by brave women who like to experiment. This neon matte lipstick can emphasize elegant and refined styling, escaping from kitsch and exaggeration!

Neon fuchsia lipstick - how to wear it?

Neon fuchsia lipstick tempts with saturated colour. It quickly catches the eye and is memorable. How to wear it correctly? Check! First of all, the neon fuchsia lipstick must be matte! Its colour is so sharp that additional strengthening with a gloss would be too much.

When wearing such strong, striking lipstick such as the neon, we should also be less excessive on the eyes and cheekbones. If you can't do without the latter - opt for a deeper shade of pink that contrasts well with neon matte lipsticks. Always follow the principle - less is more!

Neon matte lipstick - what matches?

Wondering what neon matte lipstick matches with? Semilac argues that it's best to choose a more subdued look that will not over-draw attention to the eye. Are you reaching for saturated fuchsia in a matt version? Let her be the star of your look! If you can't give up colourful looks - limit yourself to just one theme colour, and try not to let it not be an aggressive pink with an admixture of peonies!

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