Semilac Nail Polish Fast Dry C270 Red

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Shade - Red

Collection - Fast Dry

Size - 7ml

Do you paint your nails rarely because you think it takes a lot of time? Choose Semilac nail polish with a quick-drying formula, and it will surround your nails with intense colour in a flash!

Quick-drying Semilac Fast Dry nail polish provides excellent coverage, intense colour and phenomenal shine. It's also a way to quickly change colour.

Chestnut nails are a must have for various occasions. Do you fancy a yellow dress or do you prefer a grey long skirt? You'll be surprised, but nails in this colour will match both, completely extreme stylizations.
This nail polish has a perfect consistency that allows easy painting without streaks. The beautiful shade of this nail polish will also be perfect for pedicures.

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