Semilac One Step Gel Polish Pen 3ml 810 Baby Blue

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Meet the innovative Semilac One Step Gel Polish Pen!
The gel polish enclosed in it does not require the use of an additional base or top. All you need is one product, thanks to which you can make your manicure faster and more economically. The marker is handy and very comfortable to hold in your hand - thanks to this it is the easiest method for beautiful nails!

In addition, it has a special brush that makes it easy to paint on skins without pouring gel polish on them.

The amount of gel polish on the brush is dosed by turning the marker. Simple right? Remember to apply olive on your nails after finishing the stylization and polish the nail plate thoroughly. This will give your nails even greater shine.

The main advantages of the product: - does not require the use of a base and top - a mild gel polish that does not damage the tile - the gel polish is easily and quickly removed - beautiful colour and gloss - the nails are strengthened during wear, which allows you to grow nails - a technologically advanced applicator that facilitates applying gel polish - paint just under the skins - ideal for beginners.

Before using the marker, read the instructions included in the package. The correct application of the product is the key to beautiful styling.

Capacity: 3 ml - enough for 5 manicures!
Opacity: We recommend applying three thin layers of the product.

UV LED lamp 9W - 60 seconds
UV LED lamp 24W - 60 sec
UV LED lamp 36W - 30 sec
UV LED lamp 48/24W - 30-60 sec.
UV lamp 36W - 120 sec.

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