Semilac One Step Hybrid Gel Polish 5ml 780 Plum Wine



The Semilac One Step Hybrid gel polish does not require the use of a base or top. One product is enough, thanks to which you can do the manicure quickly, easily and pleasantly!

Product highlights:
- does not require the use of a base and top coat

- the gel polish is easy and quick to remove

- beautiful colour and shine

- nails are strengthened during wear, which allows you to grow nails

Is the afternoon in the company of friends a moment just for you? It's good that you have such moments at least once in a while. Leave all your worries behind the door and have a good time. A dark purple wine-coloured manicure will help you to forget about trifles and give you energy to act. In addition, it is an extremely fashionable colour that suits any complexion..

We recommend applying 3 layers of the product.

Capacity: 5ml

UV LED 9 W lamp - 2 x 60 sec
UV LED 12 W lamp - 2 x 60 sec.
UV LED 24 W lamp - 2 x 60 sec.
Lamp UV LED 36 W - 2 x 30 sec.
Lamp UV LED 48/24 W - 60 sec. / 120 sec.
UV lamp 36 W - 120 sec.

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