Semilac Sparkling Lipstick Lip Gloss 1000 Diamonds Lips Diamond Pink Gold



Semilac 1000 Diamonds Lips Pink Gold lip gloss contains thousands of particles in colours: gold, pink and purple. The shimmering particles are embedded in the honey, semi-transparent base. Diamond Gold shade will give you victory and change up your makeup look. Why gold? First of all, it will make your lips more attractive and will bring out the real, indeed golden-pink shining from them, keeping them moisturized.

The Semilac 1000 Diamonds Lips collection is enriched with avocado oil, olive oil and phytosterols that moisturize and care for your lips well.

Semilac 1000 Diamonds Lips can be applied directly to the lips or applied to Semilac lipsticks. Remember, however, that this will shorten their durability.

Cover your lips with a thousand shiny particles, adding a glow effect that reigns in summer makeup. It's a fast and effective way to change up your makeup!

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