Semilac Sponges For Ombre 5 Pcs



Semilac Ombre sponge is a soft and flexible sponge that will work well during home styling of nails using the Ombre or babyboomer method. Reliable in performing precise shading with coloured gel, gel polish or classic varnish. The triangular shape will precisely distribute the product even in hard-to-reach places, ensuring a smooth colour transition. The appropriate softness of the sponge makes the application of the products simple and pleasant. The package includes 5 pieces of Ombre sponges. Reusable sponge, just cut off the "used" sponge strip.

1. Apply the selected colour of nail gel polish to the sponge, for example, press a paper towel to get rid of excess varnish, and then bounce several times on the nails until you get the effect you want.
2. Apply the selected colour of nail gel polish on the nail polish holder. Press the sponge onto the holder, then press the pattern several times on the nails until the desired effect is obtained.
3. Apply nail gel polish to the nails and apply a sponge while pressing the sponge until the result is satisfactory.

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