Semilac CHARMING Gift Set with 36W Led Lamp

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This is our most extensive set, containing  everything you need to turn your home salon into a beauty parlour.  In this set you will find all the necessary products to create and remove gel polish manicure  and  pedicure:  accessories and products for nail preparation, a base, two timeless colours , a hybrid top and, of course, a lamp The set also includes  decorations that, with a little creativity, will turn you into real artists, and your manicure into work of art. We also took care of a beautiful care for nails with cuticle oil that has a tempting composition of  vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine, mandarin and orange blossom aromas  And, when you feel like changing your manicure, with the products from the set, you can easily remove the current gel polish manicure and prepare your nails for another inspiration!  We have enclosed everything in a  modern and extremely feminine packaging that will look great under the Christmas tree!

This Semilac Set Contains:

  • Semilac UV LED 36W Lamp
  • Semilac Base 7ml 
  • Semilac Top No Wipe 7ml 
  • Semilac 231 Girl on  Fire  3ml 
  • Semilac 032  Biscuit  3ml  
  • Semilac Nail Cleaner 50ml 
  • Semilac Acetone 50ml 
  • Semilac Elixir Love for cuticles and nails  7ml 
  • Semilac Remover Wraps 50 pcs
  • Semilac Lint-free wipes 200 pcs
  • Semilac Wooden file 100/180  
  • Semilac Wooden sticks 10 pcs
  • Semilac Manicure decoration silver hearts, 50 pcs
  • Semilac Manicure decoration golden star, 50 pcs


User manual for UV LED 36W lamp

With this set, you get 1 year guarantee for the Lamp, for the warranty please keep our Invoice 

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