Semilac White Uv/Led Lamp 36W



The Semilac White UV/LED Lamp is an essential item for nail-lovers who want to craft incredible gel manicures and pedicures like a pro! With 3 different curing modes, this UV lamp for nails has a  low-temperature mode, automatic timer, and gradual heat increase to protect your skin and nail plates.

Featuring intelligent dual-led technology that combines two lights together to cure gel nail polish in a flash. What’s more? This smart lamp has an in-built motion sensor that detects movement,  so when you enter or remove your hand, the light will turn on and off automatically!  

Semilac’s power adapter has passed UL and CE certification, equipped with a stable flow of power that offers a safer curing process. This super sleep UV lamp fits all five fingers effortlessly and is perfect for manicures and pedicures! Plus, the ergonomic dome design makes it light, portable, and compact for travel purposes. 

Ready to start your own gel nail salon on the road? 

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