Semilac Starter Set Love me CUSTOMISED with 48/24W Led Lamp

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This set is a unique Semilac gel polish manicure set that has never been seen before! By choosing this package - you get a set of high-quality products that are necessary to make and remove manicure.

Please contact us after you have chosen your colours, you can choose any colour from Semilac collections, email us at 

The Semilac UV LED 48/24 W lamp, which is included in the set, has up to 3 curing modes, which allows you to do all gel manicure. Digital display counting down the time. Low heat mode - the lamp gradually increases power, thanks to which it minimizes the risk of burning and wrinkling. Dual led technology that combines two types of light together so that the lamp reliably, quickly and evenly cures all products. Motion sensor - the lamp automatically starts when you insert your hand. The shape of the bridge and size make it easy to insert your entire hand into the lamp and are great for pedicures.

This Semilac Set Contains:

Semilac Extend Base 7ml,
Semilac Top No Wipe 7ml, 
Semilac Top Mat Total 3ml,
3 x Semilac colour chosen by you, 
Semilac Cotton Pads - 250 pcs,
Semilac Aceton 50 ml,
Semilac Nail Cleaner 50 ml,
Semilac Wooden Sticks,
Semilac Nail File Straight 100/180
Semilac Mini Polishing Buffer,
Semilac UV LED 48/24W lamp
This set comes with 1 year guarantee for the UV/Led Lamp

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